February 12, 2008

Ollie///Beauty is dancing around when no one is watching :D

Two days into my half term and I am ever so slightly happier because I have more time to think. Put things into perspective and come to a closer understanding of why people do things, of course this is all very deep and meaningful and when I realised that infact I had come to forgone conclusion that I would not be able to work it out, on came on the music. First of all, I had TMF on playing the UK Top 20, my feet were tapping and my hands were swinging... Then this evening a miraculous thing happened... wells it's not that impressive, standing there (don't have a computer chair), speaking to a selection of people (or just those who will speak to me) and plugged into my iPod. On came AM and then Operator Please and then Lightspeed Champion and my hands swung, my feet tapped and my entire body just relaxed. Almost like some eternal acupuncture, my tense muscles came to a recluse and I moved to the beat.
Dancing when no one is watching, just like when you are watching a T.V show and the character is always singing in the shower- how often does that actually happen when in fact, just being able to do something like movement without judgment was wonderful. I had complete control and for those few minutes during the songs, I was on a cloud, almost watching all those others on this little planet.

Next, I saw Cloverfield today!! OMG, I am not going to ruin it, it's amazing, go and see it, I will write a review soon, just need to get over the general wow factor :D
Walked almost 7-10 miles today (don't ask me what that is in another scale, I don't even know what that is!), but I do know it was far. Could not be bothered to go by the bus and was like, hey why don't I walk from the cinema in Central London, back to the bus stop where I am being collected. It was brilliant, got to talk (not by myself), scream, prance and act really silly, what a great release. I got to see places that I know of everyday in much more detail that usual.

Still waiting for the final articles for the magazine, of course once that has happened, then it will be completed *token Dr. F laugh!*
More from the adventures of the common man soon (of course can you explain what is common? I can't!)

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