April 14, 2008

Listen to some good music

Check this guy out... really good, especially for any Goo Goo Doll's fans out there... You know who you are! Highlights include 'Take it Slow' and 'Thrift Store Gypsy' (see next month for a review).

While I'm promoting, here is another great singer, his recent album 'Soul Variations' is great and the songs 'Stop' and 'Pushing Triggers' are definite highlights


Anonymous said...

I am a huge AM fan. Really love his latest EP Side By Side-- there is a Velvet Underground cover of I'll Be Your Mirror that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your from the UK and he is coming your way. amsounds is where I got it

Germany/ Switzerland/ UK w/ Tina Dico
Apr 16, 08 Quasimodo Berlin, Germany
Apr 17, 08 Modernes Bremen, Germany
Apr 18, 08 Prinzenbar Hamburg, Germany
Apr 20, 08 Prime Club Cologne, Germany
Apr 21, 08 Jazzhaus Freiburg, Germany
Apr 22, 08 59to1 Munich, Germany
Apr 24, 08 Club Saarbrucken, Germany
Apr 25, 08 Frankfurter Hof Mainz, Germany
Apr 26, 08 Zeche Bochum, Germany
Apr 27, 08 Max Flensburg, Germany
On Tour With The Bowmans
Apr 29, 08 duCommerce Biel, Switzerland
Apr 30, 08 Treibhause Fest Luzern, Switzerland
May 1, 08 Dolder 2 Feuerthalen, Switzerland
May 2, 08 Rustico Pub Frutigen, Switzerland
May 3, 08 el mosquito/ moos Escholzmatt, Switzerland
May 4, 08 UK DATES w/ The Bowmans
May 5, 08 Dublin Castle Camden, England
May 7, 09 Magnet Liverpool England
May 8, 08 The Star 47 London, England
May 11, 08 Borderline London, England * w/ Vienna Teng
May 12, 08 Josephs Well Leeds
May 13, 08 The Classic Grand Glasgow
May 15, 08 Los Angeles, CA KCRW Presents AM @ Hotel Cafe