June 13, 2008

A New Poem

Secrets (Spoken from the nine years wisdom)

I have a secret,
Do you want to know?
It’s bursting inside of me,
And I’m not meant to tell,
But if I don’t tell someone,
I’m going to burst!

My secret is that baby brother,
But mummy does not know because I cleaned it,
Except mummy knows when something has happened,
You can see it on her face,
But she does not know yet.

I’ve another secret,
Something to tell,
It’s special and sacred and surprising as well,
This secret is bigger and bolder,
It may upset some people,
Promise not to cry?

My secret is that I forgot to do my homework,
My teacher knows…
But my parents don’t,
I took the letter and feed it to the bin,
How will they find out except mum always knows when something is wrong?
She is staring over now,
What must she be thinking?

Ok, here’s the deal,
Another secret to tell,
As long as no one else finds out?
I missed school today,
And yesterday,
I went out with my new friends,
They think I’m cool,
And we are not going to school tomorrow.

My exams are coming up,
And I’m starting to worry,
I should have gone to school,
Mum can see something is wrong,
But she does not comment,

A secret that’s inside,
Makes me wonder if I should tell,
It’s substantially bigger than before,
I’m guessing it’s good to talk,
I get this feeling that is great,
Whenever I see Simon,
But I can no longer tell if it’s Simon or the needle that makes me happy,
Because Simon is my friend,
At least that’s what he says.

My mum does not know,
Nor does Katie,
I went to Simon and we kissed,
(I kissed a boy!),
We did more than kiss.

I am going to the doctors,
Because there may be a problem,
I am having bad nights,
I’m finding it hard to breath,
My head hurts,
My eyes are bad,
The doctor takes a look,
Am I sexually active?

Here’s another secret,
It’s important that you know,
Except others must not know,
They will stare,
They will point,
I am ill,
I have an illness,
They don’t look hopeful,
It’s called AIDS,
My mum’s face now tells a different tale,
She can tell something is wrong,
And she still won’t talk.

One last secret for me to tell,
Then you will know me better than anyone else,
I have gone away,
And I am not coming back,
This is my requiem,
My song,
My warning.

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