July 16, 2008

Music to Listen 2

So as the summer months lure us into a sense of relaxation, its time to get the deck chairs out, plug the iPod in and listen to the latest releases.
Some of the best includes-

1. Gavin DeGraw- In Love With A Girl
The first release from his sophomore album, 'Gavin DeGraw', sees the already popular pop rock singer tell us about a 'girl that understands' and through the distorted guitar riffs and the rhythmic piano lines, this is a sure fire hit for the summer.

2. Jonas Brothers- SOS
What can be said about the Jonas Brothers that most people don't already know? The brothers from New Jersey are now in the UK after being readily available in the USA for the last three years. From their early days on Disney Radio, doing Busted covers (What I Go To School For & Year 3000) and changing record labels. They have now found their home at Hollywood Records and although sometimes they remind us of Hanson (90's 'Mmmbop' Era), with the right amount of guitar, vocal and drums the result is surpirsingly fresh.
SOS, the first single in the UK to come from their debut 'Jonas Brothers' (released last August in USA) is a fun, poppy record, ironically about troubled relationships.
Watch out for the quick turn around as their third USA album, 'A Little Bit Longer' is due for release this August with the UK release shorty after.

3. The Music- Strength In Numbers
The Music return with their first release for four years and truly show what indie dance rock means. The album will please the old fans and will bring in new ones as well. A mixture between Pendulum and Oasis, shows that you will no doubt be moving to his song whether you like it or not. The beat is strong and there is now slowing down The Music as they will be performing through summer festivals this year.

4. Five O'Clock Heroes ft. Agness Dean- Who
A step in a new direction for Five O'Clock Heroes as their first album was truly punk indie but they are trying to move towards the mainstream with their new effort, a mixture of new wave with pop. The first single from the album, 'Speak Your Language', features the model Agness Dean who shows that she is multi talented as her voice is a great contrast to that of Antony Ellis (vocals). Their performance on 'The Sunday Night Project' showed charisma and charm as this New York band try to break the UK.

5. MGMT- Electric Feel
The best summer song yet comes from the American based music group, MGMT (formerly Management) as they release the second single from their bestselling, 'Oracular Spectacular'. This song has so much going for it in the way of it's sound (think Gary Numan, Scissor Sisters and Timo Mass mixed together) and it's video which features the Rock-afire Explosion who were an animatronic animal band that played in Showbiz Pizza Place in the 1980s and 1990s. Pitchfork Media described the video as "a krazy, kandy-kolored, loud neon thingamajig video" and there is always something more to see within it.
Visit here for the Hi-Res version of the video.

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