August 31, 2008

Music Aug-Sept 08

1. Pink- So What
Pink's first single from her forthcoming album, 'Funhouse', is literally a V-shaped sign to her ex-husband, Carey Hart. 'I guess I just lost my husband,' is how the feisty, adolescent, confident Pink starts her rock anthem for divorced women. With all the attitude which only Pink could get away with, this songs goes over the top and across the line and yet we forgive it, it's Pink. It's extremely catchy and it should be as it's produced by Max Martin who previously collaborated with Pink on hits such as 'U + Ur Hand' and 'Who Knew'. It's more than a break up song, it will get everyone singing as most people can relate to the lyrics. With lines like, 'I'm fine and you're a tool,' the some what juvenile lyrics are some of the best because during a break up, who cares how you act, this is real life. The video falls in the same category as their is cameos from her ex as well as hair setting a light and jibes to Jessica Simpson.

2. Anastacia- I Can Feel You
After a three year break, Anastacia returns with her single, 'I Can Feel You.' Produced by Ne-Yo, the song starts with a futuristic groove piano beat which will get anyone wishing they were at a disco. Then she comes in, the little lady with the big voice. After a first listen you may not be convinced but after the second or third time you realise the potential of this single. Reminiscent of 'I'm Outta Love' and 'Not That Kind', this song has gone back to basics.

3. Rooney- Get Away
I found their recent album in my local bargain bin, probably not the best advertisement for a relatively unknown band but had I known how good it would sound before hand, I would defiantly have bought it before now. 'Get Away' is one of the UK bonus tracks and my favourite on the album. Known for providing music on 'The OC' this altern rock band has easy synths, captivating lyrics and bouncy rhythms. 'Get Away' ticks that criteria and during the chorus you realise this song is brilliant to have on at a party and effortless to dance to as the music takes hold of you. The guitar solo shows their talent and that Rooney may be here for longer than others thought.

4. The Rasmus- Livin' In A World Without You
Hailing from Sweden, The Rasmus were relatively unknown in the UK, US and Australia but managed to achieve success throughout other parts of Europe including Germany and Scandanavia. That all changed in 2003 when they released 'Dead Letters' which signified their breakthrough. 'In The Shadows' reached number three in the UK and number one is the US. Five years later they are due to release their new album, 'Black Roses', and the lead single, 'Livin' In A World...'. Their music has been bought right up to date yet sounding like they did all those years ago. Their alternative rock beats have allowed them to expand into an all round band, showing that it's not just heavy metal that they can capture.

5. Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home
Here we hail the return of Daniel Powter and his sophmore release, 'Under The Radar.' 'Next Plane Home' is the lead single and unfortunatly is no 'Bad Day' (the most played song in the last five years). Although after listening to the piano driven ballad I am inclined to give this song more of a chance than other reviews have. I will hold my judgement of his new material until I hear more, I am just hoping for more danceable hits.
In the meanwhile, what do you think?

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