January 26, 2008

Ollie///Beauty is in poems...

2. An Artist’s Blank Canvas

An artist’s impression,
A blank canvas,
A life not yet born.

A conception of expectation,
Resorting in decomposition of elegant heights,
Slowly at the beginning and slowly edging to the end.

Immaculate masculinity,
And femininity,
Of the independent.

Stuck in the threshold of humour and horror,
Reprimanded for an unplanned crime,
A justice, which has not yet been born.

As the life continues,
As the span in which time and space can ponder,
Until all will join in a cluster of dust.

An artist’s impression,
Can be painted with expression,
Or separation of the colouring,
Or paid for with the humiliation of others.

Interprétation de meurtre sur une échelle inconnue,
Étant agité en vente d'espoir,
Et lecture le passé, aide à l'avenir.

Spill the words of the cauldron,
As the magic is created and life continues,
Then of course the end is nearer.

Read the sins of our founders,
Return to the end of the wonders,
And lift up to the fathers.

Mundane looks at family life,
Looking through a diary view,
Searching for something else.

Please release your inner thoughts,
See the end in your sights,
But hide the secrets away from those you love.

An artist,
A blank canvas,
An empty life,
A receptive search for meaning,
A retrospect,
An existence.

Interpretation of murder on an unfound scale
Being restless on the sale of hope
And reading the past, help for the future

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