January 22, 2008


Beauty, thought that was an appropriate word to start my new blog. Not sure if it's connected to anything happening in my head but thought it was a word that could and does represent many different things. A summer's morning when the sun is shining, the way that two people can fall in love or even something as aesthetic as a beautifully crafted gown, in their own right, each are beautiful and in my blog, I will be trying to find my meaning of beautiful, from the actors face on the TV screen or the words from the song or poem.
'To be able to show feelings, genuine feelings. Illicit, raw emotion through words, then, that is the window to your soul. Your instincts all working together and then and only then do the monsters fail.' - A small, perhapes abstract thought, but one that I had before falling asleep and it felt important enough to write down.

1. Beauty is the poem-
Retraction by a Lawyer in Certain terms.

The retraction of the lawyer in certain terms,
Is the nakedness of the feeling alone?
Of the murder committed by blasphemy,
Or the attack committed by malice.

The taking of feelings over an open stove,
In a court of people,
Watching and staring at the open witness,
As the dead live,
As the living die.

Please refrain from talking…

The radio speaker talks,
Over the bonding of the elements,
As the moving of the death,
Speaks to the lawyer and tells the truth.

The victim screams in agony,
A liar spells out,
Sitting alone in the flesh of the kingdom.

Speaking of the small room at the back,
Paid on deposit,
Chain on branch.

Attached by worms and connected by dust,
Hand cuffed to the spillage of glass.

A lawyer retracts his opponent’s question,
He screams out in anger,
He is never wrong,
He is proved correct,
And like the victim, the murderer, the jury and the judge,
The lawyer goes home,
To the emptiness around him,
Surrounded by fear and dread and alone,
By himself.

By Me

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