November 05, 2008

Obama or Brown?

Point number one: Well done to the now President Elect Obama and to the American People, this is the first of many things which are going to change the world.
Point number two: Below are two videos, the first is the UK PM, Gordon Brown with his message on Obama Victory and the second is the first speech Obama made after the result was revealed. Can anyone notice any difference between the two? I mean, I know the President is one of the most powerful men in the world but with all the connections between the UK and USA, you would imagine that the PM would be someone with at least a little of the action, the emotion and vigour that Obama has?
A new generation of politicans are needed for the UK, what this historical event has taught some of us is that the US vote for their president differently to how the UK elect but can anyone really put up their hand and say any of the other political party leaders are any better?
We need energy, especially with the world as it is. Watch and you will see what I mean...

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