January 15, 2009

Artists to look out for- Rick Seibold

Thanks to modern technologies such as MySpace, musicians have been given a new output to show off their talents- most without even having to be signed!
My next planned series on My Two Pennies involves bringing to you highly recommended artists from these sites. These interviews are exclusive and are what the artist wants you to read about them, from where they came from to how they got into music.

First is Rick Seibold, with 7835 friends already on MySpace, he looks set to be riding 2009 to it's full extent.

"Rick Seibold presents songs about love, learning and coming of age with a knack for smart and often catchy melodies... it's sure to make any young female listener swoon." (Alyssa Rashbaum, MTV, SPIN, VIBE)

"Hey I'm Rick, I grew up in Wilmington, NC. Moved to New York City a few years ago and started playing around town in the local clubs. A little over a year ago I decided to make the move to Nashville to start recording a new record which I'm finishing up right now. It will be out this spring, probably in April."

"I started playing guitar when I was 15, and began writing songs as soon as I knew my first few chords. Where I grew up, there was a pretty vibrant film scene. When I was about 10 I played one of Anthony Hopkins's kids in a movie where I had to sing 'Silent Night', so I guess that's when I officially got my start!"

"Growing up at the beach in NC proved to be one of the early major influences on my music. I love the ocean, and have tried to write about my experiences growing up there as much as I can. Moving to New York City, and now to Nashville, has also had a major impact on my writing. Someone once told me if Jason Mraz and Chris Brown had a kid, it might look like Gary Coleman. But if they made an album, it would probably sound a lot like me."

"Look for the new record on iTunes in April."

"Mary" * Rick Seibold & The Rock-afire Explosion!

Rick's first EP, 'That's The Day' is on sale on the iTunes Store and has achieved getting into the Top Three on the Pop Chart!

To buy the album click the iTunes logo. Rick Seibold - That's the Day

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