January 29, 2009

The Killers & Pink's New Video's

Two of my favourite artists are back this week with their new music videos from their recent LP's.

First is The Killers with 'Spaceman', one of the best Killers songs ever! The video has split fans, ultra camp? MGMT feel? Futuristic? Whatever anyone says, I think the video is great- it is defiantly original and sorta sums up The Killers... what do you think?

Next, Pink with 'Please Don't Leave Me'. The third single of the brilliant 'Funhouse', comes another song about breakup after the sobering 'Sober'. This video is a brilliant mixture of past horror (think The Shining meets Misery!).
From Digital Spy-
"If you like your humour black and your slapstick wince-inducing, you'll love Pink's 'Please Don't Leave Me' video, which is clearly inspired by 1990 horror flick Misery. Pink plays a psycho girlfriend who'll do just about anything to keep her boyfriend with her, kneecapping him with a golf club, setting the dog on him and even chasing him round the house with an axe. It's funny, a little bit shocking and, like the very best pop videos, adds something to the song you didn't realise was there. Press play below to see your for yourself - as long as you aren't feeling squeamish."

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