February 01, 2009

Kyle XY Cancelled!!!!!

As of yesterday (31 Jan), ABC Family have ordered additional seasons of Greek and Lincoln Heights.

Now the bad news: Kyle XY has been shut down!

Although a rep for the cable net could not be reached for comment, sources confirm that Greek has been renewed for a 20-episode third season. Additionally, Lincoln Heights has been greenlit for a fourth season, although a specific episode count wasn't immediately known.

Meanwhile, Kyle XY's current 10-episode third season -- which debuted on Jan. 12 -- will be its last. Some are blaming the decrease in viewers by almost 1 million from the Season 2 Premier to the Season 3 Premier.

Fans on the Kyle XY board are outraged at this decision and have already started their petition for their belly-buttonless hero. I saw we do a Jericho and send bathtubs round the offices of ABC Family!

User Cnith says,
"Please write your postcards/letters and mail them to:

Mr. Paul Lee, President
ABC Family
500 South Burna Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

requesting that he sign the contract to renew Kyle XY for a new season. I hope all the fans will join together in supporting the show. If ABC can't see ratings correctly, maybe they will listen to our letters!! Come on y'all let's DO this thing!!"

Now the question left is how Season Three is going to end? Will it be the traditional Kyle XY cliffhanger or will they have rounded the story up? Many fans think it will be the cliffhanger and truely believe the show has been prematurely cancelled. If they end it here, what about a movie to finish it off, some fans have been asking. But we all know what we really want, SEASON 4!

What do you think?


KaylieXX said...

It is an absolute travesty that Kyle XY is being canceled! It is a wonderful show, my favorite in fact, and I am both sad and angered that ABC Family has canceled the show that put them on the map. This is a fantastic family series with a wonderful blend of sci-fi, humor, teen drama, and mystery. I am absolutely mourning the loss of this great show.

Michael said...

I really don't think Abc knows what they are doing. I mean why the hell, excuse my language would they cancel a great show that I know has been pull it weight and bringing in the ratings. I mean just to get other shows on. I mean why Cancel something that is going good to put something else on that might not be so great. I mean if they don't have a time slot for the other shows then don't put them back or try to take off a sorry show and not a great show like Kyle Xy. I mean I am a 33 year old guy here and my sister is 26 and my wife is 26 also and we all love the show. I mean Kyle Xy works for all age groups. I admit I like Greek and Lincoln Heights also and would like to see them back, but do your best to take off the sorry shows and PLEASE PLEASE keep Kyle Xy... I mean why should we even bother watching any damn thing Abc Puts on anymore because once someone gets into it and gets attached it gets Cancelled. Well if Kyle gets taking off, I hope people just don't watch Abc anymore and show them that they hurt theirselves for taking off a great show. I mean hell if shows keep getting cancelled, maybe we all should say hell with cable or dish or whatever service you all got and just stick to watching Dvds or going to the movies. Well that is all I got to say on this. Please don't let me down. Keep Kyle...

Sonia said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please SIGN THESE TWO PETITIONS and post this link on every website you know of...if you truly want this show to come back getting a huge number of signatures is probably the only way ABC Family would even CONSIDER bringing Kyle XY back. It takes literally 30 seconds to sign...so please, help in any way you can to get signatures!!!