April 10, 2009

Dollhouse News: Episode 13 not airing

'Dr. Horrible’s', Felicia Day twittered earlier, ""Man, day getting worse and worse. Found out my Dollhouse ep, #13 isn't gonna air. Only on DVD. Such a great part too. Thx Fox. :( ..."

And so the story begins... or shall we say ends? Cleverly annoying network, FOX has decided to cut the 13th episode, "Epitaph One" directed by Whedon from the first season of Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse', leaving Day's appearance to be scattered into the pile of DVD extras or online bonuses.

The 'Dollhouse' closer airs May 8, titled "Omega," and represents the show's 12th episode aired.

Reps from the 20th Century Fox studio and from the network declined to comment, but sources say the network has a different point of view on this news.

Many are arguing that FOX's entire season order was filled as the original pilot was never aired, another of the network's fantastic decisions (another nail in the coffin) and so therefore with the network's retooling, Whedon reshot the pilot. Therefore, the argument is that if "Epitaph One" airs it's almost as if the studio are paying for 14 hours instead of original 13.

Sources say the story in the "Omega" season finale is more or less Whedon's original vision for how the season would end, so fans watching the show should have some degree of closure.

Except fans of the show (including myself) are now thinking, there is yet another episode out there which won't get shown on television- despite the slowing increasing numbers in the ratings.

All parties, including the nuturing FOX, have insisted this is not the cancellation of 'Dollhouse' though the network declining to air an episode isn't encouraging. The most recent episode of 'Dollhouse' earned a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49, with companion 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' pulling a 1.3. Sources say the odds of 'Terminator' surviving are pretty slim, but the closed-door verdict on 'Dollhouse' is not in yet.

Producer Tim Minear, says the episode will definitely be on the DVD and confirms FOX's "we're gonna count the scrapped pilot" stance: "Okay. So maybe I can help clarify this somewhat. Because we scrapped the original pilot -- and in fact cannibalized some of its parts for other eps -- we really ended up with 12 episodes. But the studio makes DVD and other deals based on the original 13 number. So we created a standalone kind of coda episode. Which is the mythical new episode 13. The network had already paid for 13 episodes, and this included the one they agreed to let us scrap for parts. It does not include the one we made to bring the number back up to 13 for the studio side and its obligations. We always knew it would be for the DVD for sure, but we also think Fox should air it because it’s awesome."

"Omega" finale description: "Alpha's reign of terror continues as his obsession with Echo endangers Caroline's survival. Ballard must make a life-changing decision, and one Doll is permanently deactivated while another's shocking past is revealed."

To see 'Dollhouse' not come back for a second season would be a catastrophe, rumours say that production costs would be less as sets are already built and despite a slow start, a following for this show has already begun and recent episodes have shown strong numbers because the show is finally starting to explore some of it's inherent mythology. The thing about 'Dollhouse' and the reason why the Network and unaccepting fans wouldn't give the show a chance is because it's new- it was trying to find its feet and explore slowing, giving time for an audience to build and for us to be able to care about the characters. Let this not turn into another cult classic from those FOX people like the amazing 'Tru Calling' or 'Drive'.

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