April 15, 2009

Lindsey Lohan's eHarmony Profile at funnyordie.com

"A little bit about me. I'm an actress, a singer, an entrepreneur and according to the state of California, an alcoholic and I single-handedly kept 90% of all gossip websites in business."

Wise words from a young lady, as actress Lindsey Lohan has recorded a spoof dating advert, shortly after her split from Samantha Ronson.

In the wake of their break-up, Lohan appeared on the front cover of Us magazine, and said she was "so alone".

The 22-year-old makes reference to this by sitting on a sofa and reading the magazine during the video.

Lohan jokes that she is looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with, "or at least the rest of my probation with".

Lohan's video is a parody of adverts that appear on internet dating site eHarmony, complete with wayward camera work.

The Funnyordie website was created by comic and film star Will Ferrell.

Last year it hosted a spoof video showing Paris Hilton hitting back at US presidential candidate John McCain after he referred to her in one of his campaign ads.

PS. Watch out for the 'Parent Trap' theme playing in the background, a wonderful final touch!

I just want to say, congratulations to Lohan for being such a good sport and so damn funny, 'because c'mon we've read about' her!

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