May 29, 2009

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Official Video)

It's leaked almost a week early but at a massive seven and a half minutes long, the new Lady Gaga video shows more what she gives on her interviews, her sense of humour.
With the recent fuss over Britney's latest, 'If You Seek Amy,' her director took the media buzz and created what I think is the best Britney video, the irony is that using the news images before and after, only creates more of a buzz and in fact instead of detracting from the lyrics and the video, more and more people have become interested. Scandal = ratings! Another clever technique that Britney uses is the contrast between 'Party Britney' and 'Family Britney', with the media bombarding her at the end. The media have the power to make or break, as the new Gaga video shows.

Mixing the formula of 'If You Seek Amy,' a little of No Doubt's 'It's My Life' and massive dose of Gaga 'gaga' equals the amazing 'novella' type 'Paparazzi'.
Set in the style of 1950's Hollywood, it tells the tale of Lady Gaga, her rise, her fall and her immanent rise to the top again after a twist ending. The dancing is spectacular, the costumes are magnificent and the cinematography is reminiscent of some of the best music videos in the last decade (Fatboy Slim's 'Weapon of Choice')...

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