June 01, 2009

Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen at MTV Movie Awards 2009

For anyone who has lived under a rock in the past 24 hours, let me recap. MTV Movie Awards usually cater for a younger audience, 'the MTV Generation' (which seems to be every generation since MTV started), they play towards the comedic side of things and a prank which took place last night has got tongues spinning.
Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for Ali G and Borat, is due to release his new film, Bruno on July 10th but last night he tried out the gay Austrian fashion show presenter to entice the audience. After being hoisted over the celebrity audience wearing an angels costume, it appeared the mechanism broke and as feathers drop from under him, he was 'lowered' towards rapper Eminem.
The 'We Made You' singer, in the past has been accused of homophobia and we are sure that having 'Bruno's' privates placed directly onto his face didn't make him happy.
Well check the video and see his reaction...

The next day, people aren't really sure what to take from this. Was is planned, was Eminem in on the entire act and was the walk out a coup to create a media buzz or was this a way of Sacha Baron Cohen showing he's back after a couple of years break and no one gets away lightly... even if they are multimillionaire rapper with huge bodyguards...

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