October 14, 2008

Britney vs. Take That: The Battle Continues

After the exclusive on 'My Two Pennies' yesterday about album titles from two reigning winners of pop, it has hit entertainment analysts and critics alike.
After confirming their title for their forthcoming album yesterday, Take That are refusing to change the name despite being released on the same date as Britney Spear's new album and having virtually the same title (TT: The Circus, Britney: Circus).
The group will debut their new LP on December 1st, the same as Britney.

Take That's manager has said to the Daily Record that the boyband will not change their current title: "The boys have worked on this for months, like Britney, and we certainly won't be changing the title.
"When you work that far in advance, it's impossible to know what people will call albums. Erasure had an album Circus. The name is not copyrighted.
"I doubt there will be confusion. Fans will either ask for the new record by Take That or Britney Spears."

An insider added: "Britney is not likely to change the title. She announced it two weeks ago. There won't be confusion - Take That are great at what they do and everyone is excited about Britney's comeback."

What do you think of all this? Is a pop conspiracy brewing? Come November 24th (Release of 'Greatest Day' & 'Womanizer') and then December 1st, a war is waging...

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